Athiss 1923

Professor Ley'arshaAthiss Enforcer's EarpieceMiscEarNormal
Professor Ley'arshaFocus of the InsightFocusOff HandNormal
Professor Ley'arshaAthiss Advance Scout's RifleBlaster RifleMain Hand/Off HandNormal
Professor Ley'arshaAthiss Enforcer's BootsHeavy ArmorFeetNormal
Professor Ley'arshaAthiss Scout's Long Range RifleBlaster RifleMain HandNormal
Professor Ley'arshaAthiss Enforcer's GreavesHeavy ArmorLegsNormal
Professor Ley'arshaSaber Initiate's HeadgearHeavy ArmorHeadNormal
The Beast of Vodal KresshSaber Initiate's Body ArmorHeavy ArmorChestNormal
The Beast of Vodal KresshAthiss Double-action ScatterblasterScattergunOff HandNormal
The Beast of Vodal KresshAthiss Serrated Soldier's KnifeKnifeOff HandNormal
The Beast of Vodal KresshAthiss Informant's JacketMedium ArmorChestNormal
The Beast of Vodal KresshLightsaber of the Mind's EyeLightsaberMain Hand/Off HandNormal
The Beast of Vodal KresshBlade Disciple's LeggingsMedium ArmorLegsNormal
The Beast of Vodal KresshAthiss Enforcer's Body ArmorHeavy ArmorChestNormal
Athiss Zone DropHeadgear of the InsightLight ArmorHeadNormal
Athiss Zone DropAthiss Warlord's EarpieceMiscEarNormal
Athiss Zone DropAthiss Informant's BootsMedium ArmorFeetNormal
Athiss Zone DropEarpiece of the InsightMiscEarNormal
Athiss Zone DropLower Robe of the InsightLight ArmorLegsNormal
Athiss Zone DropSaber Initiate's GauntletsHeavy ArmorHandsNormal
Athiss Zone DropSaber Initiate's GreavesHeavy ArmorLegsNormal
Prophet of VodalBlade Disciple's TunicMedium ArmorChestNormal
Prophet of VodalAthiss Fusion-core LightsaberLightsaberMain Hand/Off HandNormal
Prophet of VodalAthiss Twin BladeDouble-Bladed LightsaberMain HandNormal
Prophet of VodalAthiss Informant's PantsMedium ArmorLegsNormal
Prophet of VodalAthiss Micro-pulse AutocannonAssault CannonMain HandNormal
Prophet of VodalAthiss Sawbones's Blaster PistolBlaster PistolMain Hand/Off HandNormal
Prophet of VodalAthiss Bastion GeneratorShield GeneratorOff HandNormal
Prophet of VodalAthiss Deadeye's ExterminatorSniper RifleMain HandNormal
Prophet of VodalAthiss Deflector GeneratorShield GeneratorOff HandNormal
Prophet of VodalRobe of the InsightLight ArmorChestNormal
Prophet of VodalAthiss Enforcer's HeadgearHeavy ArmorHeadNormal
Prophet of VodalAthiss Custom HoldoutBlaster PistolMain Hand/Off HandNormal
Ancient Maelstrom FlayerXenotech War Leader's PackageLight ArmorMain HandNormal
Unknown SourceSaber Initiate's BootsHeavy ArmorFeetNormal
Unknown SourceBlade Disciple's BootsMedium ArmorFeetNormal
Unknown SourceBlade Disciple's GlovesMedium ArmorHandsNormal
Unknown SourceBlade Disciple's HeadgearMedium ArmorHeadNormal
Unknown SourceAthiss Enforcer's GauntletsHeavy ArmorHandsNormal
Unknown SourceAthiss Informant's EarpieceMiscEarNormal
Unknown SourceAthiss Informant's GlovesMedium ArmorHandsNormal
Unknown SourceAthiss Informant's HeadgearMedium ArmorHeadNormal
Unknown SourceBoots of the InsightLight ArmorFeetNormal
Unknown SourceGloves of the InsightLight ArmorHandsNormal