The Foundry 3539

The Foundry GuardianDark Adept's Lower RobeLight ArmorLegsNormal
The Foundry GuardianTT-15A Imperial Security Body ArmorHeavy ArmorChestNormal
The Foundry GuardianTD-05A Imperial Rogue HeadgearMedium ArmorHeadNormal
The Foundry GuardianShadow Striker's BootsLight ArmorFeetNormal
The Foundry GuardianSith Warden's Body ArmorHeavy ArmorChestNormal
HK-47RD-15A Centurion ChestguardHeavy ArmorChestNormal
HK-47K-301 Sentry BlasterBlaster PistolMain Hand/Off HandNormal
HK-47V-31 Fusion Blaster RifleBlaster RifleMain HandNormal
HK-47J-21 Rotary Sniper RifleSniper RifleMain HandNormal
RevanMercenary Medic's Foundry BeltHeavy ArmorWaistNormal
RevanAdept Sorcerer's Foundry Lower RobeLight ArmorLegsNormal
RevanJuggernaut's Foundry BeltHeavy ArmorWaistNormal
RevanMercenary's Foundry HelmetHeavy ArmorHeadNormal
RevanUnwavering Juggernaut's Foundry GreavesHeavy ArmorLegsNormal
RevanSniper's Foundry BootsMedium ArmorFeetNormal
RevanAgile Assassin's Foundry BootsLight ArmorFeetNormal
The Foundry Zone DropSith Warden's GlovesHeavy ArmorHandsNormal
The Foundry Zone DropBlack Ops Implant of Ruthless PrecisionMiscImplantNormal
The Foundry Zone DropImplant of Solar WrathMiscImplantNormal
The Foundry Zone DropMasterblade's VestMedium ArmorChestNormal
Burrower MatriarchTH-15A Imperial Corpsman BootsHeavy ArmorFeetNormal
Unknown SourceUnwavering Juggernaut's Foundry HoodHeavy ArmorHeadNormal