Athiss 1923

Professor Ley'arshaFocus of the InsightFocusOff HandNormal
Athiss Zone DropEarpiece of the InsightMiscEarNormal
Athiss Zone DropHeadgear of the InsightLight ArmorHeadNormal
Athiss Zone DropLower Robe of the InsightLight ArmorLegsNormal
Prophet of VodalRobe of the InsightLight ArmorChestNormal
Prophet of VodalAthiss Twin BladeDouble-Bladed LightsaberMain HandNormal
Unknown SourceBoots of the InsightLight ArmorFeetNormal
Unknown SourceGloves of the InsightLight ArmorHandsNormal

The Colicoid War Game 3943

Gate ChestHood of Animus ForceLight ArmorHeadNormal
Unknown SourceBoots of Animus ForceLight ArmorFeetNormal
Unknown SourceCuffs of Animus ForceLight ArmorWristNormal
Unknown SourceFocus of Animus ForceLight ArmorWristNormal
Unknown SourceGloves of Animus ForceLight ArmorHandsNormal
Unknown SourceLower Robe of Animus ForceLight ArmorLegsNormal
Unknown SourceRobe of Animus ForceLight ArmorChestNormal
Unknown SourceWaistband of Animus ForceLight ArmorWaistNormal
Unknown SourceColicoid Awareness FocusFocusOff HandNormal
Unknown SourceMentalist's Colicoid EarpieceMiscEarNormal
Unknown SourceMentalist's Colicoid ImplantMiscImplantNormal
Unknown SourceSorcerer's Colicoid BootsLight ArmorFeetNormal
Unknown SourceSorcerer's Colicoid CuffsLight ArmorWristNormal
Unknown SourceSorcerer's Colicoid FocusFocusOff HandNormal
Unknown SourceSorcerer's Colicoid GlovesLight ArmorHandsNormal
Unknown SourceSorcerer's Colicoid HoodLight ArmorHeadNormal
Unknown SourceSorcerer's Colicoid Lower RobeLight ArmorLegsNormal
Unknown SourceSorcerer's Colicoid RobeLight ArmorChestNormal
Unknown SourceSorcerer's Colicoid WaistbandLight ArmorWaistNormal
Unknown SourceUntouchable Saboteur's Colicoid BootsLight ArmorFeetNormal
Unknown SourceUntouchable Saboteur's Colicoid CuffsLight ArmorWristNormal
Unknown SourceUntouchable Saboteur's Colicoid GlovesLight ArmorHeadNormal
Unknown SourceUntouchable Saboteur's Colicoid HoodLight ArmorHeadNormal
Unknown SourceUntouchable Saboteur's Colicoid Lower RobeLight ArmorLegsNormal
Unknown SourceUntouchable Saboteur's Colicoid RobeLight ArmorChestNormal
Unknown SourceUntouchable Saboteur's Colicoid WaistbandLight ArmorWaistNormal

The Red Reaper 4347

Lord KherusGloves of DeceptionLight ArmorHandsNormal
Lord KherusBoots of the Force SavantLight ArmorFeetNormal
SV-3 EradicatorHood of Avenging WrathLight ArmorHeadNormal
SV-3 EradicatorGloves of the Force SavantLight ArmorHandsNormal
Darth IkoralDouble-Saber of Avenging WrathDouble-Bladed LightsaberMain HandNormal
Darth IkoralDouble-Saber of DeceptionDouble-Bladed LightsaberMain HandNormal
Darth IkoralRobe of the Force SavantLight ArmorChestNormal
Darth IkoralLower Robe of the Force SavantLight ArmorLegsNormal
Darth IkoralRed Reaper Awareness FocusFocusOff HandNormal
Unknown SourceSorcerer's Red Reaper BootsLight ArmorFeetNormal
Unknown SourceSorcerer's Red Reaper CuffsLight ArmorWristNormal
Unknown SourceSorcerer's Red Reaper FocusFocusOff HandNormal
Unknown SourceSorcerer's Red Reaper GlovesLight ArmorHandsNormal
Unknown SourceSorcerer's Red Reaper HoodLight ArmorHeadNormal
Unknown SourceSorcerer's Red Reaper Lower RobeLight ArmorLegsNormal
Unknown SourceSorcerer's Red Reaper RobeLight ArmorChestNormal
Unknown SourceSorcerer's Red Reaper WaistbandLight ArmorWaistNormal
Unknown SourceCuffs of the Force SavantLight ArmorWristNormal
Unknown SourceFocus of the Force SavantFocusOff HandNormal
Unknown SourceHood of the Force SavantLight ArmorHeadNormal
Unknown SourceWaistband of the Force SavantLight ArmorWristNormal
Unknown SourceBoots of Avenging WrathLight ArmorFeetNormal
Unknown SourceCuffs of Avenging WrathLight ArmorWristNormal
Unknown SourceGloves of Avenging WrathLight ArmorHandsNormal
Unknown SourceLower Robe of Avenging WrathLight ArmorLegsNormal
Unknown SourceRobe of Avenging WrathLight ArmorChestNormal
Unknown SourceWaistband of Avenging WrathLight ArmorWaistNormal
Unknown SourceHood of DeceptionLight ArmorHeadNormal
Unknown SourceLower Robe of DeceptionLight ArmorLegsNormal
Unknown SourceRobe of DeceptionLight ArmorChestNormal
Unknown SourceWaistband of DeceptionLight ArmorWristNormal
Unknown SourceBoots of DeceptionLight ArmorFeetNormal
Unknown SourceCuffs of DeceptionLight ArmorWristNormal

The Battle of Ilum 4850

Darth SerevinZez-Kai Ell's Double-Bladed LightsaberDouble-Bladed LightsaberMain HandNormal

The False Emperor 4850

Jindo KreyRelic of Entropic ShadowsMiscRelicNormal
Jindo KreyRelic of Indomitable WrathMiscRelicNormal

The Eternity Vault

Annihilation Droid XRR-3Unassembled Columi Master Force GlovesMiscTokenNormal
Annihilation Droid XRR-3Energized Force-Mystic's HeadgearLight ArmorHeadNormal
Annihilation Droid XRR-3Energized Force-Master's HeadgearLight ArmorHeadNormal
Annihilation Droid XRR-3Energized Stalker's HeadgearLight ArmorHeadNormal
Annihilation Droid XRR-3Energized Survivor's HeadgearLight ArmorHeadNormal
GharjTionese Stalker's WaistwrapLight ArmorWaistNormal
GharjTionese Survivor's WaistwrapLight ArmorWaistNormal
GharjTionese Force-Master's SashLight ArmorWaistNormal
GharjUnassembled Columi Master Force Offhand WeaponMiscTokenNormal
Pylon ChestUnassembled Columi Master Force Lower RobeMiscTokenNormal
Pylon ChestTionese Force-Master's BracersLight ArmorWaistNormal
Pylon ChestTionese Stalker's BracersLight ArmorWaistNormal
Pylon ChestTionese Survivor's BracersLight ArmorWaistNormal
The Infernal LordsRelic of the Primeval FatesealerMiscRelicNormal
The Infernal LordsRelic of the Shrouded CrusaderMiscRelicNormal
The Infernal LordsUnassembled Columi Master Force BootsMiscTokenNormal
The Infernal LordsRelic of Boundless AgesMiscRelicNormal
The Infernal LordsRelic of Forbidden SecretsMiscRelicNormal
The Infernal LordsRelic of Imperiling SerenityMiscRelicNormal
Soa, The Infernal OneUnassembled Columi Master Force RobeMiscTokenNormal
Soa, The Infernal OneDantooine's Last HopeDouble-Bladed LightsaberMain HandNormal
Soa, The Infernal OneDarth Bandon's Double-Bladed LightsaberDouble-Bladed LightsaberMain HandNormal
Soa, The Infernal OneLast BastionDouble-Bladed LightsaberMain HandNormal

Karagga's Palace

BonethrasherUnassembled Columi Master Force HeadgearMiscTokenNormal
BonethrasherEnergized Force-Master's GlovesLight ArmorHandsNormal
BonethrasherEnergized Force-Mystic's GlovesLight ArmorHandsNormal
BonethrasherEnergized Stalker's HandwrapsLight ArmorHandsNormal
BonethrasherEnergized Survivor's HandwrapsLight ArmorHandsNormal
Jarg and SornoUnassembled Columi Master Force BeltMiscTokenNormal
Jarg and SornoXenotech Force-Master's FocusFocusOff HandNormal
Foreman CrusherUnassembled Columi Master Force BracersMiscTokenNormal
Foreman CrusherXenotech Force-Master's Lower RobeLight ArmorLegsNormal
Foreman CrusherXenotech Stalker's LegwrapsLight ArmorLegsNormal
Foreman CrusherXenotech Survivor's LegwrapsLight ArmorLegsNormal
G4-B3 Heavy FabricatorXenotech Force-Master's BootsLight ArmorFeetNormal
G4-B3 Heavy FabricatorXenotech Stalker's BootsLight ArmorFeetNormal
G4-B3 Heavy FabricatorXenotech Survivor's BootsLight ArmorFeetNormal
G4-B3 Heavy FabricatorPerpetual Healing DeviceMiscRelicNormal
G4-B3 Heavy FabricatorGravity Wave DeviceMiscRelicNormal
G4-B3 Heavy FabricatorBurning Force RelicMiscRelicNormal
G4-B3 Heavy FabricatorCorrosive Injection KitMiscRelicNormal
G4-B3 Heavy FabricatorLightning PillarMiscRelicNormal
G4-B3 Heavy FabricatorShield Amplification DeviceMiscRelicNormal
KaraggaUnassembled Columi Master Force Mainhand WeaponMiscTokenNormal
KaraggaXenotech Force-Master's VestmentsLight ArmorChestNormal
KaraggaXenotech Stalker's RobeLight ArmorChestNormal
KaraggaXenotech Survivor's RobeLight ArmorChestNormal

Terror From Beyond